Senior Architect/iOS & Mac Developer

Posted on November 19, 2012
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Senior Architect/iOS & Mac Developer

Job Type: Full Time / Flexi Time

Job Flexibility: Total Flexibility

Location Requirement: USA – Pacific, or USA – Anywhere

General Area Of Expertise: Technology, Software Development

Rate Wage: negotiable

Job Description:

We are looking for a Sr. Architect/iOS & Mac Developer to join our engineering team. Working with the latest technologies, you will oversee the design, implementation, and maintenance of Coradine’s software products and services. We’re not talking the run of the mill App Store game, but truely useful products for pilots and aviation departments worldwide. You’ll get to work with complex data structures, cloud sync, integrated Mac/iOS/Web apps all while working from the location(s) you choose.

To be successful in this role, you will need to have a strong understanding of Apple iOS and Mac OS X technologies, the process of software engineering and UI design, a good user-interface design sensibility, plus a keen sense of diplomacy. It is also beneficial to have a passion for aviation, be a pilot or just like the sound of jet engines on takeoff.

Skills & Requirements:
•Familiarity with sprints that require no running;
•Agonizes over separation of responsibilities, encapsulation, and interfaces between objects;
•Familiarity with test frameworks and strategies for iOS or Cocoa projects;
•Previous experience with JSON and RESTful web services;
•Experience syncing data between Mac and iOS devices;
•Solves problems on their own: asks for resources, knowledge, or advice instead of step-by-step direction;
•Seeks to understand why.
•Experience with automated testing methodologies and frameworks;
•Comfortable with rapid development cycles and aggressive schedules;
•Proven track record of delivering complex, Objective-C based applications;
•Thorough understanding of Objective-C/Cocoa/iOS;
•Mac OS X development and debugging tools such as Xcode and lldb;
•Experience in creating, driving, and realizing a complex end to end solution and how decision/design impacts architecture delivery.

About Coradine Aviation Systems, LLC
There’s the typical job: Punch in, report to cubicle, waste time in meetings, punch out, repeat until vacation. Then there’s work at Coradine. Where you’re encouraged to explore uncharted ideas and innovation, to maximize your own potential and to decide how and where your time is spent. Because around here, we reward you for the results you create, not the chair you keep warm.

Coradine Aviation Systems was founded to develop professional aviation software for the Mac, iPhone and iPad. We lead the industry in powerful, easy to use software for pilots using Apple platforms with an emphasis on exceptional design and excellent service.

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Business Name: Coradine Aviation Systems


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