Sales Representative

Posted on November 19, 2012
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Sales Representative

Job Type: Full Time / Flexi Time

Job Flexibility: High Flexibility

Location Requirement: USA – Pacific, Canada, or Anywhere

General Area Of Expertise: Sales & Marketing

Rate Wage: negotiable

Job Description:

You’d think you’d get used to the standing ovations, high-fives, and a near-perfect close-rate. But not you, future Outside Sales Rep for Top Hat Monocle! You dream in demos, and closing a sale tastes better than ice-cold lemonade on a hot day. Your role primarily will consist of meeting with potential customers, giving a killer demo of our software, and closing the sale. Since we’re an education technology company, that means that—yep, you’re going back to school. Don’t worry, though. You won’t be tested on derivatives or the periodic table. You’ll be responsible for giving Oscar-worthy demos to professors and schools. This time, your grade will depend on your ability to deliver an unparalleled demo of an awesome product and successfully close a sale.

With over 60,000 students and over 70 universities in the US and Canada already using our tool, we’re growing like crazy! This role offers tremendous room for growth and is the perfect opportunity fast-track your career while helping us on our mission to make active learning the norm in universities. You’ll start off with a small territory to call your own, but you’ll quickly be able to move on to managing more clients after you’ve shown us what incredible sales skills you have. You’ll be able to grow with the company, and if you’re looking for a more senior role with your own team of reps that’s definitely attainable within a year.

As for location, you can be based in San Francisco, work remotely or work out of our headquarters in Toronto.

Desired Skills & Experience:
1. You should have 1-3 years inside/outside sales experience
2. You consistently met and exceeded your sales quotas
3. You should be tech-savvy (comfortable with standard office software and web-based applications)
4. You need to have a driver’s license (don’t worry, we won’t make fun of your picture)
5. You must be ambitious, competitive and internally motivated

- Business Details -

Business Name: Top Hat Monocle


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