Posting on hiremyparents not only benefits families and gives you laser targeted flexible work candidates – it also makes financial sense.

  • Unlimited Job ListingsWe do things differently. At hmp you don’t pay to post a job you pay for a period of time in which you can post as many jobs as you wish. We have over 35,000 (& growing) eager people looking for all types of flexible work and income opportunities.
  • NO AGENCIES – Fed up of posting a job and then being chased by agencies that say they can fill it? We’re off the grid. We aren’t connected with monster, careerbuilder, indeed or jobsite, who all share the same database. Your positions are shown to the people that can fill them directly.
  • Partner Program – send other job posters or members to hmp and earn a 50% commission.
  • Daily or weekly job alerts sent to all our users via email or RSS
  • Free & Unrestricted use of the ‘Supporting Parents In Business’ campaign badge to use on your company’s publications and website. Give your corporate responsibility a boost ;)
  • Applicant responses sent directly to your email or website, absolutely NO filtering by hiremyparents or hidden fees.

Help families one job at a time and fill your flexible jobs with people looking for a flexible life.

Choose your preferred option for posting your job(s):

$10 – 1 days access

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Once payment is received you will be taken to our business hub where you can start to post your opportunities immediately. All recurring payment options can be cancelled at any time. If you have any questions please visit our contact page for a quick response.

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