Supporting Parents In Business

The ‘Supporting Parents In Business‘ campaign was established by hiremyparents and our friends at WinWeb to promote the expansion of flexible work opportunities for parents.

There is a huge, untapped source of skills and experience out there that is not being used because parent professionals are demoted to ‘also rans’ simply because they wish to spend more time at home raising their children. There is no ‘knowledge shortage’ – just an under-usage of the talent we have.

We strive to enlighten and inform companies from around the world to the benefits of hiring people that not only have the skills they require but the maturity and responsibility to complete any task to keep their flexibility a reality.

Support for the campaign can be given simply by posting any jobs or projects that you need fulfilled to our job board. Our parent members will receive these postings and apply directly to you via email.

When the position is filled or the project awarded you will have found an excellent asset to your business and a parent will have found a flexible way to earn an income while gaining the time they need to spend with their family.

Take advantage of our business membership and post as many jobs and projects as you wish to a pool of talent that can take your business forward.

All businesses posting to hiremyparents can use the ‘Supporting Parents In Business’ badge on their websites and other marketing material – support a better way to work and live for families.

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